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Eaton Electric - Modular Wiring Accessories Cover all the Options
PREMERA MIX, the completely new range of modular grid-based wiring accessories from Eaton’s Electrical Sector, offers exceptional versatility and convenience by combining the elements of a traditional grid range, including broad switches and power sockets, with voice and data connectivity options, and intelligent RF switch modules for use with Eaton’s wireless modern home automation system. This means that just one range...Read More
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Schueco's Aluminium Fire Protection Products meet Strict Standards
The case for the suitability of aluminium for the fabrication of fire protection products is made strongly by leading building envelope and solar products specialist, Schueco UK Limited, whose range of specialist glazed aluminium doors, façades and windows is the most comprehensive in the UK market. Based on many years of experience, independent test evidence and assessment, Schueco’s aluminium fire protection...Read More
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Tarkett Delivers Style that never goes out of Fashion
Tarkett has taken a fresh look at an old favourite and gone back to basics for it’s new Linoleum xf ‘Style’ range. With a simple but sophisticated palette of colours and minimalist designs, Style is on trend and timeless. Style Elle features a linear design while Style Emme is discretely marbled, providing architects and designers with a perfect foundation collection, offering the best in natural quality and modern style to suit any...Read More
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Fläkt Woods - New on Demand Chilled Beam Launched by Fläkt Woods
Fläkt Woods has launched a remarkable new concept in chilled beam design, the new WEGA system saves energy normally wasted in ventilating unoccupied spaces or in over cooling the rooms, by using Demand Controlled Ventilation. WEGA uses a motorised energy control function allowing users to reduce the energy consumption. Variable air volume optimises the ventilation to suit the average occupancy rate which varies...Read More
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S & P Coil Products Launches EC motors as Standard Across their Range of Fan...
On orders placed from Monday the 2nd April, Electronic Commutation (EC) motors will be included as standard in S & P Coil Products Limited’s Belgravia Fan Convectors. The range, which includes the Supreme, Classic and Tilevector models will be named ‘Belgravia eco’, with floor, wall and ceiling mounted options available. Due to their electronic commutation, EC motors offer significant energy savings compared to conventional...Read More
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Dimplex Launches Quantum – The Future of Electric Heating
Dimplex is set to change the way we think about electric heating with the launch of the Quantum Energy System, a complete ‘smart’ space and water heating energy management system offering low cost, low carbon electric heating and hot water. The Quantum Energy System has been purpose-designed to enable low cost zero carbon energy from renewable sources to be stored as heat, ready for when it’s needed in the form of highly...Read More
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Hanson Structherm Launches New Range of Renders & Finishes
Hanson Structherm has extended its portfolio of branded products with the launch of a new range of renders and finishes. The introduction of Hanson Structherm ClassicPro and VantagePro offers architects and contractors a cost effective choice of acrylic and silicone renders and finishes for use in new build or refurbishment projects. Both the ClassicPro and VantagePro ranges are available in acrylic and silicone finishes and offer...Read More
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