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RAYCHEM - Temperatures Are Dropping ... Are You Including Winter Safety In Your...
Emergency; temperatures have plummeted; is your building “Raychem ready” for winter? Winter safety in buildings is essential in freezing weather. As an engineer, you know harsh winters require winter safety solutions to be designed into buildings to avoid property damage and personal injury. To design and specify winter safety solutions into your buildings contact Tyco Thermal Controls “Winter Safety” Freephone helpline on 0800 969 013...Read More
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SIEMENS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES - Increased Control = Increased Energy Savings...
As many may reach to the thermostat when temperatures drop outside, the Siemens Building Technologies division is highlighting the benefits of better controls for multiple occupancy managed buildings whatever the weather. The Siemens SyncoTM living controls system combines elegant design, simple installation and energy efficient operation. It can be used in new installations or for upgrading and improving existing sites...Read More
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DIMPLEX Supports Installers On New Heat Pump Standard
Leading name in heating Dimplex is helping installers get to grips with MIS 3005, the new heat pump installation standard, which comes into effect from February 2012. The heat pump manufacturer has been running a series of seminars around the country to give installers an overview of the new standard and how it will affect their work. But installers shouldn’t worry if they missed the seminar roadshow, because Dimplex also offers...Read More
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AET - New Solar Thermal Evacuated Tube Collector From AET
AET has launched the Camel Solar PV Vacuum, a high efficiency evacuated-tube solar thermal collector to harvest energy from the sun for commercial hot water and space heating applications. Using state-of-the-art technology, the PV Vacuum has been developed to absorb over 92% of the sun’s energy landing on the collector. This makes it one of the most efficient solar collectors on the market with a stagnation temperature of...Read More
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SCHUECO UK - New ‘Frameless’ Panoramic Sliding Door Launched By Schueco UK
New from the UK's leading building envelope specialist, Schueco UK, is the ASS 77 PD, a range of motorised, 'panoramic' sliding doors offering varying levels of thermal insulation. Able to accommodate very wide openings with two, three or four leaves each up to 3.2 metres wide and 3.5 metres high, these premium doors are ideal for high-end residential and commercial buildings. A key feature of all versions of the doors...Read More
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TWYFORD BATHROOMS Launches New Additions To Galerie Plan
Consumers continue to look for inspirational bathroom solutions that not only deliver style, but also functionality and versatility. In line with its long-standing commitment to quality and innovation, Twyford Bathrooms has introduced new pieces to the existing Galerie Plan collection. The new additions include a wall-hung toilet with Twyford Bathrooms’ Flushwise® 4/2.6 litre dual flush, a 450mm handrinse basin with co-ordinating...Read More
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POLYFLOR - Stick With Polysafe Ecomax When Budgets Are Tight
Polyflor’s new Polysafe Ecomax heavy-duty safety vinyl flooring combines uncompromising levels of slip resistance with best value pricing at a time when the market needs it most. Designed to meet the needs of typical safety flooring environments, such as commercial buildings and social housing schemes, Ecomax features the solid construction of Polyflor XL with safety aggregates to offer a specially engineered safety surface...Read More
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