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MONODRAUGHT & IES Demystify The Art Of Wind Tower Natural Ventilation At Ecobuild
To help architects and consultants deliver low maintenance, energy efficient designs within the built environment, building performance analysis specialist IES and Monodraught are launching the first Performance Component at Ecobuild 2012. The use of building performance analysis has grown extensively in the last 10 years, driven by the development of computer simulation and legislative requirements to reduce the...Read More
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PASSIVENT® Delivers Optimum Energy Efficiency
With the continuing drive for energy-efficient buildings, Passivent has devised a raft of solutions that deliver the optimum solution….The UK’s leading supplier of natural ventilation and natural daylighting systems has a portfolio that uses little, or no, electricity to function, helping achieve low-energy and even zero-carbon domestic and commercial buildings. Passivent’s thermal modeling service, bespoke software tools, and SAP...Read More
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TELLING ARCHITECTURAL - Can Light Shine Through Concrete?
Telling Architectural has added LUCEM panels to their range of architectural wall panels. Lucem Lichtbeton is a German manufacturer of stone based light transmitting concrete panels which are widely acknowledged in architectural technology and design in Europe. The body of the Lucem panels is made from crushed marble aggregate, white cement and millions of embedded optical fibres through which natural and artificial light...Read More
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SPIRAX SARCO Offers Expertise On New Boiler Guidance
Spirax Sarco has launched a new online compliance webpage to help customers with the arrival of both the Guidance on Safe Operation of Boilers (BG01) and Management of Industrial and Hot Water Boilers (INDG436) guidance notes. ( Visitors to the webpage can find out how the new guidance documents differ from the previous best practice and how to bring existing boiler operations up to scratch...Read More
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EMCEL FILTERS - Plastic Framed, Disposable Panel Filters
In appearance these NEW panel filters look identical to the usual, conventional card framed disposable panel filters. But, as we know appearances are often deceptive! The difference is in the material that the frames are made of. In this case a .5 mm thick polypropylene sheet that is formed on our own flatbed, computer controlled, cutting machine. The result is a new disposable filter with a frame that is totally water resilient...Read More
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AET - New Solar Thermal Evacuated Tube Collector From AET
AET has launched the Camel Solar Vacuum (CSV), a high efficiency evacuated-tube solar thermal collector to harvest energy from the sun for commercial hot water and space heating applications. Using state-of-the-art technology, the CSV has been developed to absorb over 92% of the sun’s energy landing on the collector. This makes it one of the most efficient solar collectors on the market with a stagnation temperature of 250°C...Read More
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BELIMO AUTOMATION UK - 6-Way Valve With Room Temperature Controller...
6 ways to increase efficiency. Sustainable well-being hinges to a large extent on a permanently comfortable room temperature. In a growing number of non-residential buildings, this is achieved by utilising the exchange of heat or cold between the ceiling and the room air. Belimo has developed a unique system to solve this dilemma: in combination with the new CRK24-B1 room temperature controller, the world’s first ever 6-way characterised...Read More
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